Located at Pasir Ris our zamak foundry and our lead smelter human scale provide you with over 70 years experience in the work lead.

Our lead smelter works for specialists in the protection against radioactivity and nuclear protection; As for sectors: medical, automotive, nautical and aviation.

Our lead smelter in a responsive and scalable structure in line with the current market. We have recently invested in a machine mainly dedicated to the production of lead bricks and herringbone lead bricks.

These lead bricks are used particularly in the construction of many protections against radioactivity and against radiation. Our lead bricks are made with standard CEA and Euratom, which are major players in the nuclear protection and protection against radiation in general. 

Our zamak foundry works primarily for the automotive industry, dedicated to the production of wheel weights OE, we are a one-tier supplier to the French car (Renault, Peugeot-Citroen). With our machinery has die-cast, we are able to produce thousands of masses of balancing daily. Our zamak foundry, as our lead smelter has our long experience to achieve productivity and top quality

We sell our balance weights in France, in Europe and in the world because they adapt to all types of rims, French or foreign.

Founded in Gentilly in 1936.

Fonderie de Gentilly initially speciallised in the manufacture of huntingshot and employed 15 people.


From 1947, the compagny became a supplier to the french automobileindustry, manufacturing balance weights. At the same tine it also diversifiedits production into fine lead shot.